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For 70 years Muslims lived as Citizens in India: Malaysian PM

For 70 years Muslims lived as Citizens in India: Malaysian PM
Malaysian Pm Mahathir Mohammed. Photo: YouTube Screengrab

Kuala Lumpur: The ongoing stir over NRC, CAA, NPR has attracted global attention with now political leaders from across the globe slamming ruling Central government for their discrimination against its citizens.

Reacting to the police crackdown on citizens across the nation, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has spoken out against the recently-approved citizenship law which is discriminatory towards Muslims, ST reports.

“I am sorry to see that India, which claims to be a secular state, is now taking action to deprive some Muslims of their citizenship.”

“If we do that here, you know what will happen. There will be chaos, there will be instability and everyone will suffer,” Malaysian PM told reporters after visiting the media Centre at the Kuala Lumpur Summit on Friday.

“Already people are dying because of this law, so why is there a necessity to do this when all this while, for 70 years almost, they have lived together as citizens without any problems,” the PM asked – a question that is on every Indian Muslims mind.

The ruling saffron party has recently passed a law that offers citizenship to illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan- except Muslims.

Leaving no recourse for 200 Million Indian Muslims while protecting the majority Hindu community, these ‘Hindutva’ leaders expect this discrimination can be continued since Muslims remained silent during Ayodhya verdict as well as when the Central government revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s special status.

This was the second time Malaysian PM commented on an issue sensitive to India.

Dr Mahathir also added his country has granted citizenship to people from the Chinese and Indian communities.

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