’90-Day Fiancé’ star reverts to Islam

Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Avery Mills converted to Islam.

Despite objection from family and friends, the Ohio native left her faith as a Christian to become a follower of Islam.

Avery is featured on the show along with “her 24-year-old Syrian love, Omar Albakkaur,” a dentist by profession.

So said, according to Newsweek, Avery is a strong, independent woman.

“Avery, 19, left her faith as a Christian to become a follower of Islam—even though most of her family and friends objected. She joined a Muslim dating site soon after, which is how she met Omar.”

During a phone interview with Newsweek, Avery explained:

“No one can sway my decision on my choices,” she said. “I really make my own path and I’ll tell them that.”  

-Explain The Reasons For Conversion

The TLC star explained that “believed in God, but wasn’t always 100 percent confident in all of the Christian views.” 

She continued, “I was open to learning about Islam and never expected to convert, but I was curious, so I asked some Muslim friends about Islam. Everything I learned shocked me, it made so much sense and I realized it’s an amazing religion,” she said.

Turning Point

Avery revealed that after visiting a mosque, she developed an innate feeling about converting.

“The turning moment for me was when I went into a mosque and had a moment in my heart I knew I was with the right people, in the right place, about to follow the right path.”

-When Avery Met Omar-

She signed up for the dating app to find a Muslim man in America but fall for Omar. 

“When Omar sent me a request, I saw his profile was so nice, and he was so handsome. I knew he was Syrian but it wasn’t until after about a week of nonstop talking that I realized he still lived in Syria,” she revealed. 

Avery travels with her mom to meet Omar for the first time in Lebanon on 90 Day Fiancé.

“When he first brought up Lebanon I got a little bit nervous just because I didn’t know much about it… but I really had trust in him that he wouldn’t take me anywhere that was too dangerous,” she told Newsweek.  

-Doesn’t Care Negativity

Avery doesn’t regret switching her faith. She said that she is least bothered about the negative things people have to say about her new faith and her marriage to Omar.

“I have never cared about what people thought in the past. No one can sway my decision on my choices,” she told. “I really make my own path and I’ll tell them that.”

-Welcomed With Open Arms

Avery likes the way people address her now.

“I like how people look me in my eyes when they speak to me, unlike before — their eyes would wander elsewhere,” she said. “Also, the family that I gained when I became a Muslim was overwhelmingly amazing. I was worried about being accepted by my Muslim brothers and sisters but they welcomed me with open arms.”

-A Wish Avery Had-

The one thing she wishes is she would have started following the Islamic religion sooner.

“As a Muslim, we believe everyone is born Muslim, people just choose if they follow it. But I do wish that I would have started following Islam sooner. It would’ve kept me out of a lot of predicaments I found myself in.”

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