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Aasra pension scheme busted

Aasra pension scheme busted

Hyderabad: Central Crime police of Hyderabad arrested four persons who had transferred amounts from the eligible pensions to fake accounts.

Addressing a press conference yesterday, Joint Commissioner of Hyderabad City Police informed that Aslam (25), Sohailuddin (23), Mohsin (31) and Imran (30) were arrested on the complaint made by RDO, Hyderabad. This fraud started from Charminar Tehsildar office.

Through the password, the names of Aasra pensioners were removed and fake names were entered.

Sensing this conspiracy, RDO got alert and lodged a complaint with the police.

Joint Commissioner of Police Informer that the accused usurped the pension amounts of 225 individuals.

It is reported that Imran, an employee of Mandal Revenve Office, Bandlaguda gave the password and the names of the pensioners to his colleague. After getting the password, this gang hatched a conspiracy to transfer money.

They took the help of a woman and entrusted the job of receiving applications.

Applications were being received from persons in the city. They were replacing the names of the real beneficiaries with fake names with their account numbers.

This gang usurped amounts to the tune of Rs. 20-25 lakh.

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