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Actress who got married to Muslim boyfriend gives befitting reply to ‘hater’

Actress who got married to Muslim boyfriend gives befitting reply to ‘hater’
Courtesy "instagram/reallyrichasony/"

New Delhi: The actress who had recently got married to her longtime boyfriend gave a befitting reply to a netizen.

It all started after the actress, Richa Sony who had tied the knot with her boyfriend, Jigar Ali Sumbhaniya shared a photo from their wedding and wrote, “This photo from our wedding is especially for the haters. Who keeps stalking me with random Names and identity. You may be spineless but I am not and that troubles you filthy haters. You can only diversify the cast, creed and religion. It’s very easy for you haters to call someone prostitute. And, speak about religion. That says a lot about your humanity/ upbringing . Your hatred comments won’t stop me to post pictures I wish to post. It’s my page and have a class. Show me your real identity and look on your own . What I do to you! Cheers!! Also, I am proud of my husband @alisumbhaniya if that rubs my haters wrong way. Do me a favour shove some chillies in your ass and burn”.


Reacting to her post, a netizen with Instagram id, “humourmaster05” wrote, “One should maintain decorum & avoid using abusive language but,still fact is that (1.)Your new religion of Islam did not accept your even Hindu name,identity & heritage while Islamic contract marriage of Nikah..you had to change your name & convert to Islam..(2.) When a Hindu girl like you marries a Muslim man,then Hindu community not only loses one Hindu but,also one entire future Hindu generation as your children will be Muslim. Thus,boosting Muslim demography while reducing kaffir Hindu population. (3.) Islam considers Idol worship as biggest sin & Idol worshipper like Hindu as kaffir or pagan dhimmies.Islam consider only itself as true religion and rest as fake or illegal in sharia compliant Muslim majority areas. So,no idol worship by you in Muslim family.(4.) Muslims girls are not allowed to marry non Muslims but,Muslim boys are even encouraged to marry non Muslim girls ,after all,expansion of Islamic demography is obligation of every Muslims by any means. (5.) In Islamic law Muslim man can marry at least four wives at a time and can even take non Muslim girls or kaffirs girls as sex slave after waging even armed jihad against kaffir in defence & expansion of Islam. Woman has half witness value that of man in Islamic sharia. (6).No Muslim majority country is secular,In Pakistan thousands of Hindu girls are kidnapped & converted & in India,Muslims use love jihad to trap naive & religiously detached Hindu girls & most of cases their lives get ruined later when harsh reality comes in to picture. (7) your Muslim daughter will not have same freedom to accept religion and husband from outside Muslim community & Will your Muslim husband allow his sister to convert to Hinduism & marry Hindu if such cases arise ?? @reallyrichasony”.


Giving a befitting reply to the netizen, the actress wrote, “Hatred for any religion will not take you any where. Also, those who targets woman and bad mouth about her choices. Accuse her or even try to impose their thoughts. It’s a crime #defamation #act under our #jurisdictions. Hiding behind a fake identity. Understand, I will not take a single abuse. Over anything”.

According to the report published in India Today, Richa Sony got married to Jigar Ali Sumbhaniya on 11th February this year.

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