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Advocate General’s somersault in High Court on Masjid Ek-Khana issue

Advocate General’s somersault in High Court on Masjid Ek-Khana issue

At a time when there is unrest among the Muslims on account of dismantling of Masjid Ek-Khana, Amberpet, the stand was taken by the Advocate General of Govt. of T.S has complicated the issue further.

Hyderabad High Court bench consisting Justice Shameem Akhtar was hearing a Public Litigation Interest petition filed by a Muslim. In his petition, the applicant made Wakf Board, GHMC, Dept. of Minorities Welfare, Commissioner of Police as parties.

The advocate of the petitioner made an effort to prove the existence of a masjid and an Ashoor Khana, with reference to Wakf Board records.

The Advocate General, Mr D.S Prasad arguing on this case, totally rejected the contention of the petitioner and said that there was no masjid at that place. There were only commercial shops which were dismantled in connection with road widening and GHMC had already paid compensation for the property before dismantling it. He reiterated that there was no masjid existing at that place and unnecessarily it is being made an issue.

Now the question arises: Does the Advocate General have the green signal from the Govt. to make such an adverse statement?

Did this step take place after consulting Dept. of Minorities welfare and Wakf Board?

At whose instance, did the Advocate General take this stance?

Did he take this step at the instance of GHMC?

It may be mentioned that Home Minister, on the basis of Wakf records has given an assurance that masjid will be reconstructed at the same place.

After hearing the arguments of both the parties, Justice Shameem Akhtar ordered the Standing Consul of Wakf Board to file an affidavit on the date of next hearing of the case.

It is very surprising that on one hand, Govt. is making an attempt to resolve this issue amicably and on the other hand, the Advocate General of the Govt. is making a somersault from the stand taken by the Govt.
Now, whose stand would be taken as correct?

It remains to be seen whether Govt. will instruct the Advocate General to revert his statement.

This will be clear on the date of the next hearing.

Mr Mohammed Mujeeb, the Standing Consul of Wakf Board who was present in the court told that on the next date of hearing an affidavit will be filed on behalf of State Wakf Board.

He made it clear that as per the Wakf records, the existence of masjid cannot be denied.

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