After Srirangapatna mosque, another row brewing over Karnataka’s Malali Masjid

Malali is located close to Mangaluru, which is regarded as the communally sensitive region. Any disturbance here will affect all three coastal districts. The region is considered as the bastion of BJP.

Dakshina Kannada: After the Srirangapatna Jamia Masjid row, yet another controversy seems to be surfacing in Karnataka over the Malali mosque in communally-sensitive Dakshina Kannada district.

Activists from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bajrang Dal have decided to take up the issue.

Recently, a ‘temple structure’ was found while the renovation of the Assaiyeed Adbullahil Madani mosque at Malali was on, stirring a controversy. The row seemed have settled as Hindu activists did not raise the issue in the recent past after the court order to stop the work.

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However, VHP and Bajrang Dal activists have now decided to ascertain the truth in the form of traditional way by posing “Tambula Prashne” before the priests.

In coastal Karnataka, people approach priests to know about the history of previous generations. It is widely practiced custom which people believe.

If the priest says that the Malali mosque was a temple once, the issue is likely to flare up as Hindu activists will proceed further legally and otherwise to claim their rights over the mosque.

Hindu activists will also put “Astamangala Prashne”, after “Tambula Prashne” as the next step to ascertain the history of mosque.

This is a more traditional Hindu astrology method which has more standing than “Tambula Prashne”.

They have decided to go ahead in seeking guidance regarding the history on May 25.

When the front portion of the mosque at Malali was brought down for renovation, the temple structure had surfaced, and the court had issued an order not to carry out the repair work.

The experts say that unlike Srirangapatna, if the row erupts in Malali mosque, it is going to be challenge for the administration.

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