AICC spokesperson Dr Dasoju Sravan slams KCR

Hyderabad: AICC spokesperson Dr. Dasoju Sravan slammed CM KCR for alleged Talibanisation of Telangana. Dasoju Sravan alleged that KCR and his men have turned Talibans of Telangana and like how Talibans have wreaked havoc with Afghanistan, KCR and his men are destroying Telangana.

Speaking at Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad on Wednesday, Dr Dasoju Sravan said, “After betraying and humiliating Dalits for the past seven years, now KCR has been enacting a new drama in the name of Dalit Bandhu to attract SCs. If KCR is so committed towards SCs, why did TRS leaders attack Dalit research scholar Palvai Nagesh in the Tungaturthi constituency on the same day of Dalit Bandhu’s announcement? Even police have joined with TRS goons in attacking Dalit student who has questioned TRS Government. Is this Telangana or Bihar? TRS leaders have become Talibans of Telangana. Like how Talibans have wreaked havoc in Afghanistan, KCR and his men are destroying Telangana”.

Explaining how Telangana police and even senior IAS officials have been acting as TRS members rather than public servants and threatening opposition leaders and people, Dr Dasoju Sravan compared TRS rule with Taliban.

“It is unfortunate that Telangana police who need to provide security for the people are working like TRS henchmen. What’s more disgusting is, even senior IAS officers are acting like KCR’s followers rather than as public servants. Collector RV Karnan has displayed hoardings welcoming CM with his name in pink colour during KCR’s Huzurabad visit. How come a collector, who is expected to set high standards in public life, stoop so low? Also, CS Somesh Kumar attended the Huzurabad meeting? Is that a public meeting or a political meeting? If it is a political meeting how did Somesh Kumar attend it? If it is a public meeting, then in what capacity did Padi Kaushik Reddy and TRS candidate Gellu Srinivas Yadav were given seats on the dais along with CM and Ministers?” questioned Dr Dasoju Sravan alleging that CM has been destroying all the institutions and democratic practices in Telangana.

Coming to the topic of Dalit Bandhu scheme, Dr Dasoju Sravan demanded CM to come up with complete guidelines for implementation of the scheme and create an institutional framework and counseling mechanism for handholding and mentoring Dalits through this scheme, for its effective implementation. He demanded TRS Govt to issue bonds to all Dalits, promising to disburse Dalit Bandhu scheme funds, within a specific time frame, if CM is really committed.

“We have seen CM KCR making U-turns on several promises. Either it is in making a Dalit CM, distributing three-acre land to Dalits, KG to PG free education, double bedroom homes, disbursing loans to SCs and STs, KCR has betrayed Dalits at every step. He said that Dalit Bandhu scheme will be implemented to all the 17 lakh SCs families in the state. If he is really sincere, details of all these prospective beneficiaries should be listed on a website and the status of funds disbursed should be displayed. KCR should also issue bonds to all the prospective beneficiaries promising to disburse funds within a specific time frame,” demanded Dr Sravan.

“KCR is promising that he will give Rs 10 lakh to every Dalit family. But in his seven-year rule till now, while 9.15 lakh SCs/STs applied for loans through SC/ST Corporation, just 1.05 lakh beneficiaries were given loans. This shows KCR’s commitment towards SCs. Moreover, while Rs 6,491 crore was allocated to SC/ST Finance Corporation just Rs 2,246 crore was spent. KCR has even debilitated the SC/ST Sub Plan introduced by the Congress party in its regime for the empowerment of SCs and STs. TRS Govt has not even spent Rs 40,000 crore for the upliftment of Dalits through the Sub Plan and eventually sabotaged it, by just carrying forward the funds. KCR has garlanded Ambedkar and Babu Jagjivan Ram statues before attending the Huzurabad meeting. But he has never paid respects to Ambedkar in the past seven years.

What’s more painful is, he has not given an appointment to Babu Jagjiva Ram’s daughter Meira Kumari, when the latter wanted to meet him. Now all of a sudden he is presenting himself as a Dalit Bandhu,” stated Dr Dasoju Sravan, urging Dalits not to get swayed by KCR’s chameleon act.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Sravan congratulated IAS officer Rahul Bojja for getting a posting in Chief Minister Office. He urged Rahul Boijja to strive for the upliftment of Dalits and downtrodden sections valiantly, instead of just toeing the line of KCR.
Citing the past incidents, where KCR has betrayed Dalits and downtrodden sections, Dasoju Sravan urged SC intellectuals who have been praising CM as ‘Dalit Bandhu’ to be cautious of KCR’s chameleon nature. He urged them to question the CM instead of blindly trusting if they are real Ambedkarites.

Senior Congress leader signed off, urging Congress cadres and people to make the second ‘Dalita Girijana Atma Gourava Dandora’ Sabha to be held at Raviryal a grand success on Thursday. MP and AICC incharge of Telangana Congress Manickam Tagore will attend the public meeting as chief guest.

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