AIMIM Woman District President: Consequences of saying the truth

Hyderabad: Dr Tara Shewta Arya on the YouTube channel ‘Reaction News’ says that she worked for All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen (AIMIM) for a long time with enthusiasm, sincerity and hard work. She had joined AIMIM against the wishes of her parents and in-laws. Her mother did not talk to her for more than a month. She says she was under the impression that this party stands for truth, but she was wrong.

Not irritated by comments

She says that she is not irritated by the comments that were being passed on her dress, her car and on her personal things. But, the reason is she was offended by the attitude of the party’s President of AIMIM [Akhtarul Iman, former Legislative in Bihar Assembly], in spite of living in the same city never gave a chance to talk to her and never took interest to solve her problems.

Dr Tara says, “Today, I am addressing to our National Party President, Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi, to convey the message that he must look into such issues that there is no respect for females in his party”. She says that the party has issued a show-cause notice to her because she told the truth that, a couple of persons in the AIMIM party office, who are running the Bihar unit are working according to their whims and fancies. She alleges that they want her to salute them. She further says “I, Dr. Tara Shweta Arya, do not know flattery, and I will not do it in the future too.”

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She says that the party is indirectly trying to convey the message that she would be removed from the party. She further adds, “if I spell the beans, you people would not find any place anywhere.”

No respect for party’s state president

She states that she has no respect now for the party’s state president. As he did not give any chance in spite of many attempts. She called him on the phone and gave messages, but there was no response from his side. Hence, she was forced to take help of the Facebook live to convey her message. Dr. Tara further says that the people who surround the party president make her feel very uncomfortable.

In her video, she addresses the AIMIM party’s national president, Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi, saying that she belongs to a Hindu community and after many hardships, she had joined this party. The first reward from the party she received was when she had won Mrs India award, and this show cause notice, according to Dr. Tara, is the second reward from AIMIM for telling the truth. Because she doesn’t flatter as the party had expected from her. She says, this is why they decided to remove her.


She blames the sycophants in the party’s president’s office to not let the truth reach him and the president does not have time to address the issues that ladies in the party are facing. She says the people in part’s office have tarnished her image by passing comments on her dress, car and personal things. They also accused her that she is running her clinic by taking undue advantage of AIMIM. She further questions where was AMIM and Bihar unit when she was receiving rape threats? Instead of taking action against them, they have issued show-cause notice to her.

She asks the party’s state president to recall the flag hoisting ceremony in 2019, after losing the Lok Sabha elections when there were not much people standing beside him but Dr. Tara claims that she was there as his sister. She says that if the party is trying to remove her right at the time of elections, thinking that she is a weak woman, she promises that she will not stay silent. “I will certainly come back one day,” she says.

If she, being the Woman District President cannot speak to Asaduddin Owaisi, Dr Tara asks how will a common man speak to him. “When I can talk to the Central Health Minister Sunil Choubey, Cabinet Minister of Road in the government of Bihar Nand Kishore Yadav and to our Governor, then why I cannot talk to our party’s National President Asaduddin Owaisi?” asks Dr. Tara.

The party has now formed a Disciplinary Committee, but where was the committee when Bajrangdal attacked her? Asks Dr. Tara.

“I am an eye specialist and consultant gynecologist, Mrs India, Mrs World
Tourism, I am not a common person. You have done a grave mistake. You have deceived me; I tell you once again, I will come back. I am a quiet person but take my silence as my weakness. Now, I am realizing why my mother told me to think twice before taking this step.” Says Dr. Tara Shweta Arya.

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