All forces have to unite to shunt out BJP from this country: CM KCR

KCR also said that there is nothing wrong with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi asking for proof for the surgical strikes and he will ask the same as well.

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Saturday said that all the forces have to unite to shunt out BJP from this country or else society will be ruined. He called on the youth and people of the country to take the lead.

Addressing the media for close to two hours, the CM spoke on a range of issues from the Hijab row in Karnataka to the proposed Electricity reforms by the Union government. He remarked that the saffron party is creating tensions on religious lines just before the elections to garner votes and that it is disturbing the ‘eco’ of the country.

“BJP is a cultureless party. When Vajpayee garu was the PM, people believed in the party a little. Now they have left all decency. ‘BJP must go’ should be the slogan of the hour,” he said.

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The CM called Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s support to Ex-US President Donald Trump back during the 2020 Presidential election a strategic mistake and said that India’s respect went down after the result with the new government in the US. “Does any intelligent Prime Minister support a candidate during another country’s, that too, the US’s elections? He went there and said ‘Ab ki Baar Trump ki sarkar’. It’s rubbish,” he said.

CM KCR said that the Electricity reforms proposed by the Union government are anti-constitutional and that the policy will lead to cutting subsidies to farmers, SCs, STs, laundries, and poultries in the state.

“They are trying to enforce the policy without actually passing it in the parliament as a law is disrespecting the constitution and the people of the country. The so-called electricity reforms are a conspiracy to corporatize the country’s power sector. Every state has its own unique situation. We want to give free power to people. What is your problem with it?” he asked.

On the question of building an anti-BJP front, the chief minister said that the Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will soon visit the state and at the same time, he will also soon visit Maharastra to meet with CM Uddav Thackeray to discuss issues related to the nation.

He mentioned the book ‘I Am a Troll: Inside the Secret World of the BJP’s Digital Army’ written by investigative journalist Swati Chaturvedi written on the saffron party’s IT cell and said that there was a discussion at Harvard University over the topic. “The country’s image has gone to ruins across the world because of BJP’s propaganda,” he remarked.

On the Rafale deal, the CM alleged that corruption worth thousands of crores took place in the deal and that they will fight against the corruption in the courts. “This corruption scandal has to come out and somebody has to go to jail,” he said.

KCR predicted that the BJP led centre will increase fuel prices once the UP elections are done and dusted. “They are walking around with an axe on their shoulders. You can ask me if this doesn’t happen,” he asserted.

Targetting the Prime Minister, CM KCR said that during the 2014 Parliament elections, PM Modi had apologized to Muslims of the country for the Godhra massacre and said that it won’t repeat. “Now he has apologized to farmers and took back the farm laws. Looks like the PM of this country is now a ‘Maafi ka Saudhagar’ (Merchant of Apologies).

On PM Modi’s remarks on Urban Naxals in the Congress party in the parliament, KCR said that it’s a matter of concern that BJP is indulging in sweeping remarks. “People of this country worry that BJP leaders have lost their minds. Forces that indulge in divisive politics should be switched off as soon as possible and that will do good for the country. Who wants chaos, curfew, and police firing every day? Do we want farmers to earn more money or a situation where they cannot bring and sell their crops because of curfew? What does this country want? A peaceful situation or a riot-filled one?” he asked.

On Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma’s remarks on Rahul Gandhi, KCR asked whether the Prime Minister is happy with the comments made by the BJP CM. “We won’t leave this matter. We arent talking all this for an alliance with congress. They should apologize if they have the shame,” he said.

Addressing a public gathering the Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma had said, “Look at the mentality of these people. General Bipin Rawat was the pride of the country. India conducted the surgical strike in Pakistan under his leadership. Rahul Gandhi demanded proof of the strike. Did we ever ask you for proof of whether you are Rajiv Gandhi’s son or not? What right do you have to demand proof from my Army?”

KCR also said that there is nothing wrong with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi asking for proof for the surgical strikes and he will ask the same as well. “Everybody thinks that the BJP is using the surgical strikes for political mileage. We all have doubts. There is nothing wrong with that,” he added.

On changing the constitution remark, he said that even Dr. BR Ambedkar wanted to burn the constitution and there’s nothing wrong with a discussion and a debate. “The centre is taking away the rights of the states. Dalit reservations should go up. This is why we want a new constitution. What is wrong with that?” he questioned.

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