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Amid tears, JMI student Anugya narrates police brutality

Amid tears, JMI student Anugya narrates police brutality

New Delhi: A student of Jamia Millia Islami breaks into tears while narrating the police brutality at the campus. She tells how students are traumatized and how police barged into the hostel and brutalized the students.

A non-Muslim student from Ranchi, she claims students who had always considered the university the safest place for them, are now feeling unsafe on the campus and are forced to leave it thanks to the police brutality.

She says many students have left the hostel taking refuge at their local guardians’ houses.

According to the girl who has come from Ranchi to study Law at the university, many students have received head injuries. Police broke their hands and legs.

When asked whether she feels safe on the campus, she snapped “I do not feel safe in this entire country.”

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