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AMU Murshidabad campus issue echoes in Rajya Sabha

AMU Murshidabad campus issue echoes in Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: Raking up the issue of “pathetic” condition of the campus of Aligarh Muslim University set up in four states, Trinamool Congress (TMC) Ahamed Hassan Imran informed the house that the Murshidabad campus in West Bengal neither has a building nor a hostel and 500 students are studying in four departments in temporary sheds.

He asked the Human Resource Development ministry what the government actually wants. What are its plans regarding the Murshidabad and other centres? Is the purpose behind its negligence is to close them? He questioned.

Ahamed Husain informed that on the request of the central government, the Bengal government had provided 1000 acre land for Murshidabad campus. It was inaugurated by ex-President Pranab Mukherjee in 2014. Ahmed Hasan said the campus lies in negligence since 2014. He said no budget was released for the Murshidabad campus for the past two years, as a result, teaching and non-teaching staff was deprived of their salaries.

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