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Android TV users, here’s few exciting features from google

Android TV users, here’s few exciting features from google

From searching a screenshot image to saving online streaming videos- Google is bringing whole new features for its android users in India.

These new exciting features aim to save as much data as possible while streaming videos that usually drain massive data when watched on hotspots, GN reports.

Joris van Mens, product manager at Google said since Android TVs are gaining popularity in India, many still don’t have Wi-Fi at home and stream videos by using their smartphones as hotspots results in huge data drain and with these new features users can make the most of their smart TV with limited internet mobile data.

Data Saver: This new feature reduces the data usage on mobile connections which means now you can watch it up to three times.

Data Alerts: This feature will alert on how much data is being used whiel watching TV.

Hotspot Guide: This feature will guide you how to connect their TVs with a smartphone hotspot.

Cast: This feature is for the Files app. It lets you view downloaded media from the handset on to the TV without using extra data.

According to sources, Indian users will still have to wait for these features to reach all Android TV users.

Xiaomi, TCL and MarQ by Flipkart will be the first ones to get this feature while the Cast feature for Google Files can be used but only you are a part of the beta program.

The competition with Android TVs is only growing as many brands are now launching their own Android TVs.

Xiaomi had just launched four new Android TVs in India while Motorola introduced new TVs with inbuilt soundbar in the country this week.

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