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Are people of blood type A at higher risk of COVID-19?

Are people of blood type A at higher risk of COVID-19?
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A recent study from China scientists suggest that the people having blood group A are at higher risk of catching COVID-19.

The study conducted by Chinese researchers involved patients from three hospitals, 2 in Wuhan and one in Shenzhen, China, the area of the country where it is believed the virus was first transmitted to humans.

According to the research, people with blood group A appear to be at more risk than those with other blood types.

It also showed that the blood group O is at lower risk of the infection compared with non-O blood groups.

Of the 2,173 patients which had been diagnosed with COVID-19:

  • Among 1,775 patients at Wuhan Jinyintin Hospital, 38% had blood group A and 26% with blood group O.
  • At Renmin Hospital at Wuhan University, of the 113 COVID-19 patients, 40% had blood group A and 25% blood group O.
  • At Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital, of the 285 COVID-19 patients, 28.8% had blood group A and 28.4% blood group O.


However till date there is no scientific evidence to prove that our blood group has a direct relationship with COVID-19 susceptibility.

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