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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


The Prophet of Allah ﷺ narrated a story that there were three young men. One was very dutiful to his parents; the other was very fulfilling towards the rights of his sub-ordinates and dependents and to the third person Allah ﷻ gave the tawfeeq to refrain from the haram act. He was a very courageous man because as a youth and a youngster he had all the strength to dirty his juvenescence and could have dirtied his chastity. At this very exact time, he stepped back from this act out of fear of Allah ﷻ. These were the three youths who were taking rest in a cave when a big rock rolled down and shut the cave. Each one presented one righteous need before their Rabb. One said, “O Lord! You know that I used to be dutiful to my parents. One day I went far away grazing the sheep and when I returned I saw my parents taking rest. I milked the sheep and stood near their head. I didn’t sleep fearing they might wake up in the night out of hunger and feel distressed. And I didn’t wake them up so I don’t disturb their sleep. (SubhanAllah! And thus he spent the entire night wakeful.) Ya Allah! If You like this act then save me from this rock and get me out of the clutch of the death.” The Prophet of Allah ﷺ said that the rock moved and some space was made but not enough to let them out. The other one said, “Ya Allah! You know that I had a laborer who went away without collecting his wages which I then invested in the business. He returned back once. The valley was filled with cattle and slaves when he was demanding his wages. I told him, “All this is from your investment, so take it with you.” He replied not to make fun of him and give him his wages but he was told that everything belongs to him because all the blessings came out of his wages. He then took those with him. The man continued, “O Allah ﷻ! If this deed is accepted to you, save us from the death.”” The rock further moved but the way was not made. Now the third said, “O Allah! You know that I went near my cousin with a wrong intention but she denied saying that if I only bring this much of money, she will allow me to overpower her. I then worked hard and saved money. When I collected enough money and obtained enough strength upon her, there came the words from her, “Fear Allah ﷻ. Do not do this”. O Allah! Only for Your sake, I was saved from this sin. O Allah! If you liked this deed, then grant us life.” The Prophet of Allah ﷺ said that the rock then moved away and these youth got life from the clutch of the death.

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O the honorable ones! One gets the closeness of Allah ﷻ not just by doing righteous deeds but also by refraining from sins. Say a person has full strength to commit a sin but doesn’t do so for sake of Allah ﷻ then this is more superior to the night long worship. Today we should get close to Allah ﷻ when He ﷻ will show His ﷻ Power and bring us out of difficulties with His ﷻ Power. O honorable ones! Whenever we would like to get something from someone, we first please him. We can’t get things from others making them angry. We want to make our lives and we want to improve our condition but without pleasing our Rabb. Not by wazeefahs you can please Allah ﷻ but do those things with which Allah ﷻ will be pleased. Please Allah ﷻ. If you do not please Allah ﷻ but keep doing wazeefahs, job won’t be done. Please Him ﷻ and then He ﷻ will show His ﷻ Power and solve your problems with His ﷻ Power. Today we need the life of this aqeedah, so revive it. It is He ﷻ Who will cherish us and protect us by His ﷻ Power. The solution to all our problems is with Him ﷻ alone. If this aqeedah gets revitalized, subhanAllah a man will not destroy his deen because of his livelihood. A man is a haji, fasting but his affairs related to the livelihood are not good because his aqeedah is weak that how he will eat. In spite of a man being religious, his children are put through such a tarbiat keeping in mind only his livelihood for his future.


Today our Muslims call Allah ﷻ only when they lose hope in everyone else and then he says, “Now, only Allah ﷻ can do”. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ taught us to call our Rabb first and knock His ﷻ door. Allah ﷻ will then put barakah in whatever means you adopt and will give the ability for the work to be completed. So call Him ﷻ. When you will call Him ﷻ, then subhanAllah you will remain content if the work is done or undone. Yes you will remain content when you will call Him ﷻ if the work is done or undone because Rabb is the most beneficent. Sometimes a mother doesn’t give her child what he asks for and once when he gets the understanding, he will thank his mom for not giving that thing that he asked for knowing its harm. The mother asks the child to take bath when he denies having bath crying and he takes bath against his wishes but he will tell later that mom did only good thing. If the aqeedah in Rabb gets refreshed, one will remain content in spite of being the work done or undone because he knows that the decision is made by that Being Who is the most Beneficent, Whose ilm is perfect when mine is deficient. He ﷻ sees my past, present and also the future. This is the benefit of calling that Rabb for he will remain content in every single state that it is his Rabb Who took this decision. O honorable ones! If you do not call that Rabb and keep adopting the means, you will never remain content even if the job is done and if the job is not done, then you will become disappointed as such. Who is content today whose work has already been done? So make talluq with your Allah ﷻ and make talluq with that Rabb. Sit in seclusion and mention His ﷻ name with much love. Yes, because with the one whom one talks and mentions His name often, he gets his qurb (closeness) for sure and becomes very familiar with Him. So sit alone and mention the beautiful names of that Rabb. You will then get familiarity with your Allah ﷻ and will come the love. And whenever you want to ask for something, ask your Rabb. Make this your habit. The Prophet ﷺ said, “Even if my shoelace gets broken, I ask my Rabb”. Ask Allah ﷻ for every single thing. It is only He ﷻ Who gives. Make it a habit to ask your Rabb. Ask every single thing only to Allah ﷻ. Become so close to Allah ﷻ that whenever any difficulty comes, your mind thinks only of Him ﷻ. Let the mind go only towards that Being. Let the talluq be to such an extent that if your mind goes anywhere, it is to Him ﷻ. Get closer to Allah ﷻ to that extent. O honorable ones! You will then see the barakah of this aqeedah. You will remain content and there will be a great courage and strength in your life. No other thing can create strength like this in life.

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