Attempts to alter Indian history to make India ‘Hindu State’: Ram Punyani

Hyderabad: It has been observed for the first time in the history of India that when a person goes to the house of God for getting peace and tranquility, a team of cameramen also follows him to film the scenes of offering ‘Puja’ and ‘meditation’ so that cheap popularity could be achieved.

With great regret, it is to be told that this act was not performed by no other person than our Prime Minister, Mr. Modi himself.

These thoughts was expressed by noted social activist and historian, Mr. Ram Punyani delivering 34th Sundarayah Memorial Lecture at Sundarayah Bhavan, Bagh Lingampally.

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Mr. Ram Punyani further told that during the past five years, such incidents of distorting the history of India took place which have no parallel in the past. An attempt is being made to project Tipu Sultan (Martyr) as a proud despot. When a reference is made to Tipu Sultan, Saffron clad organizations and political party (BJP) present Tipu Sultan (Martyr) as the killer of the Hindus but the fact is quite opposite. He also told that the right wing organizations very often stress that Tipu Sultan during his tenure, forcibly converted thousands of Brahmins into Muslims and assassinated them when they refused to do so. This is also far from reality. It is not possible because during the tenure of office of Tipu Sultan, no one else was occupying the post of his Prime Minister than a Brahmin, Purniya. How is it possible that a Brahmin Prime Minister forcibly converted his own people to Muslims and murdered them if they didn’t accept it? These are the attempts to change the history of India for transforming it into a Hindu State.

Referring to partition of India, Mr. Punyani said that Pakistan came into existence after the independence of India. It was formed on the basis of religion whereas India was formed on the foundations of democracy. Despite the lapse of 70 years, there is no stability in Pakistan whereas India is counted as one of the developed countries of the world. If an attempt is made to end democracy for transforming India into a Hindu State, our condition will also be similar to that of Pakistan.

Present in the meeting were: CPI (M) National Politburo Member, Mr. B. V. Raghavulu, CPI (M) Telangana State Secretary, Mr. T. Veera Bhadram, National member of CPI and National President of Insaaf Organization, Mr. Syed Aziz Pasha and a large number of communist leaders and workers.

Mr. Mohammed Abbas and Mr. M.A. Sattar organized the meeting.

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