Avoid fried foods as they lead to 19 dreadful diseases

Hyderabad: It is a known fact that the use of deep fried foods lead to clogging of heart arteries and veins which causes heart problems.

Often, the vendors of “Kebab samosas” do not wash minced meat as they say washing it will take away its taste.

It is pertinent to note that the vendors of these “Kebab Samosas mostly use cow’s intestine known as “Butt”.  Many a times they also use frozen blood while mincing intestine and as a result the minced meat looks reddish and pass it off as regular minced meat.

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Similarly most of the time these kabab samosa vendors put garlic and ginger while mincing this intestine meat and thus there is no question of washing it.

The kebab venders fry this “butt” meat with chili powder and  spices and they sell these Kebab samosas to unsuspecting customers. It is not only the Kebab Samosa vendors who use such “butt” minced meat but some of the cheap restaurants too use it.

Similarly, it is advisable not to purchase the “pakodas” from these samosa kebab vendors as they are likely to fry these pakodas in left over dirty oil.

It cannot be said that every samosa Kebab vendor may be using “butt” minced meat.  No, there might be some restaurants which might be using the real minced meat for preparing samosa kebabs. Hence, it is advised to eat kabab samosa prepared by such restaurants or reliable vendors.

What do the physicians say about kebabs samosas?

People relish kabab samosas, pakodas, shami kababs, fish fry, fried chicken, fried mutton, puri, kachori, paranthas, omelette etc.. But such appetizing foods may lead to some dreadful diseases such as cancer.

Medical experts say that when the cooking oil is heated beyond a degree it leads to carcinogenic substance which is harmful for human consumption and can lead to cancer.

19 major diseases caused by fried food:

Obesity, damage to intestine wall, disturbance in digestive system, stomach ache, vomiting, dysentery, blood clots, bloating, digestion and gas problems.

Compare to the fat, the fried food use lead to the harmful LDL-cholesterol  which decrease the beneficial HDL- cholesterol.

Similarly, over heated cooking oil produces “acrolein” which is extremely harmful for intestine and may lead to cancer.  Likewise, heating the cooking oil for long time and frying foods in it leads to another dangerous substance known as “free radicals” which is very harmful to heart and lead to arthritis, cancer, mental diseases, skin sagging and aging.

There are other reasons which causes free radicals such as smoking, air pollution etc.

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