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Babri Masjid review petition: Lawyers opinions

Babri Masjid review petition: Lawyers opinions

New Delhi: Review petition against Supreme Court verdict has been filed by Jamiat ul Ulema. It is now being considered the importance of the points raised in the petition.

Dr. Rajiv Dhawan told me that he had prepared the draft of the review petition.

It is contemplated that All India Muslim Personal Law Board is also ready to file another review petition soon.

Justice Sohail Ajaz Siddiqui, former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, noted lawyer, Mr. M Abdul Rahman and Supreme Court advocate, Fuzail Ayubi were contacted.

Justice Siddiqui told that this petition would be dismissed with two minutes after its submission.

He was of the opinion that there is no need to file a review petition.

Mr. Rahman told that the review petition should have been filed jointly by various organizations.

The basis on which review petition has been filed should be taken into consideration.

He was of the opinion that although the draft prepared for the petition is very good but it focused less on Articles 142.

It should be pondered what is the concept behind Article 142?

Mr. Rahman pointed out that on one hand, the Supreme Court says that those who dismantled Babri Masjid committed a crime and on the other hand, it is giving the entire land to them.

Supreme Court admitted that ‘Namaz’ was offered in Babri Masjid but it gives land for Ram Temple.

Mr. Rahman told that while disposing of the review petition, the Supreme Court might pass an order to get another masjid constructed at some other place and the govt. bear its expenses.

Mr. Fuzial Ayubi opined that the review petition which was filed by Jamiat ul ulema is very sound since it was drafted by Dr. Rajiv Dhawan.

The Petition which AIMPLB is going to file will also be based on similar ground.

He hoped that the verdict would be in favor of the Muslims.

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