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Babri Masjid verdict likely till 16 Nov: Wali Rehmani

Babri Masjid verdict likely till 16 Nov: Wali Rehmani

It is a unique event in the history of India which is getting prolonged with the passing of time. It is also the test of democratic and secular functioning of India.

Eversince 1528 till December 22, 1949, it was a Masjid and five times Namaz was being offered by the Muslims regularly.

Beginning of Conflict:

This conflict started when some miscreants who kept the idol of Sri Rama and Laxmana in the darkness of the night of December 22, 1949. For the first time, it came to be known that Sri Rama was born exactly below the tomb of the Masjid.

Later, the doors of various judicial courts were knocked at. It is very regrettable that this issue could not be resolved by the courts.

Sunni Wakf Board:

Sunni Wakf Board of UP also approached the court in 1961 but nothing did happen. The Muslims who were offering five times prayers were prohibited entering into the Masjid.

Final Stage:

The matter is in the final stage in SC. Hearing is going on, on daily basis and it is expected that the verdict would be pronounced till November 16, this year. The arguments which are being made in the court are satisfactory.

These thoughts were expressed by Maulana Wali Rehmani, General Secretary of All India Muslim Personnel Law Board.

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