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Babri Masjid Verdict: Siasat appeals to maintain peace

Babri Masjid Verdict: Siasat appeals to maintain peace

Hyderabad: Siasat Urdu Daily which is always at the forefront in Social Welfare and Community-related activities had published a special appeal on page 6 of its local and district editions requesting people to maintain peace and tranquility in the wake of Babri Masjid judgment which is likely to be pronounced any day before 17th November.

It quoted Quranic verse which says that Allah (SWT) is always with those who exhibit patience at every level.

It appealed to all the people not to get emotional and also refrain from shouting any slogans.

It advised the people not to resort to any such activity which hurts the sentiments of others.

It asserted that every verdict is from Allah (SWT) and we should be prepared to accept it.

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