Beware! You may get COVID infected from your phone

A senior corporate leader living in North America tested positive for COVID-19.

According to a report published in The Free Press Journal, he was on a personal trip to meet his friend in European country. After he came back to his home, he suffers with fever.

He thought it to be normal flu as he adopted all the precautionary steps for the coronavirus. When his fever didn’t come to control, his family doctor suggests him for covid-19 test which comes positive.

He said: “I did every possible thing I could to avoid COVID 19, I used sanitizer, I practiced social distancing, while using public toilets I always ensured I cleaned the surface with sanitizer, I didn’t touch any dirty surface… in spite of this how can I get COVID 19,” – as quoted by Free Press Journal.

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Later, when he called his friend he got to know that his friend had tested positive too. Then it dawned to him that he had been using his friend’s mobile.


  • Don’t borrow or use anyone else’s stuff
  • Social distancing even among family members
  • Avoid cash exchange; debit or credit card transactions instead use online transfer
  • Coronavirus can survive on surfaces ranging from few hours to a day, use things after 24 hours of delivery at your home.
  • Sanitize your hands right after you complete your transactions at ATMs.

Risk of not making Social Distance

A couple in Europe (which is under lockdown) has been tested COVID 19 positive. Every morning they used to visit nearby park as there was no one in the park.

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After few days they both suffered with high fever which went on for 8-9 days. As there is a shortage of covid testing kits, doctor recommends paracetamol. On 9th day, the husband had difficulty in breathing and his wife began to cough continuously.


They left the home during the lockdown. Though practicing social distancing, they might have touched any surface which is infected by any covid+ person in the park.

In a lockdown, everyone is supposed to stay at home unless there is an emergency.

Take this 21-day lockdown seriously. This is to safe-guard oneself and other.

Stay Home! Stay Safe!

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