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BJP Leader Krishna Sagar Rao Slams Asaduddin Owaisi

BJP Leader Krishna Sagar Rao Slams Asaduddin Owaisi

Hyderabad: Mr. Krishna Saagar Rao today slammed Owaisi for being presumptive and asked the latter not to take Prime Minister’s comments personally on Population Control said during the Independence Day speech from the Ramparts of the Redy fort .

Questioning Mr. Owaisi “How is it intrusive? That is what national leaders should be doing — guide and lead. It is advisable in the larger national interest and is delivered by the most competent prime minister of our time,” Rao said, continuing his tirade against the AIMIM leader.

He further clarified that Modi was not referring to the “productive young people”, but those who are increasingly becoming a “liability” and are “dependent” on the government for their survival.

Everything is not required to be viewed from a religious point of view. In India, what we need is not the quantity but quality of the population in order to transform it into a superpower, he added.

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