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BJP stirs controversy watching sleazy videos not anti-national

BJP stirs controversy watching sleazy videos not anti-national

Bengaluru: Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister JC Madhuswamy stirred controversy for his statement where he said watching a sleazy video in Vidhana Soudha is not anti-national activity.

Mr Madhuswamy’s defending statement came after reports of Laxman Savadi was elected as deputy chief minister after he was forced to resign as a minister in 2012 for watching x-rated videos during the assembly session, TOI reports.

As the controversy over Savadi’s appointment as deputy CM refuses to die down, Madhuswamy told reporters in Tumakuru: “It (Savadi’s act) was a mistake, there is no point amplifying it and arguing that he should have not been made a minister now.”

Mr Madhuswamy defends Savadi for watching sleazy videos.

We all make mistakes said Mr. Madhuswamy

Slamming BJP for electing Savadi as deputy CM, Siddaramaiah asked ‘does the BJP have any shame’.

“Watching the video was morally wrong, he accidentally switched it on and watched it,” Madhuswamy said.

 “We all make mistakes and there is no point amplifying them and continuing to criticise him (Savadi). He has not cheated anyone or committed any anti-national activity or indulged in pecuniary activity that calls for punishment. I’m not saying watching the video was correct; what I’m saying is there is no point criticising him for the same.”

“Our leader Amit Shah is more intelligent than all of us — he knows whom to use in which field and when. Savadi’s organisational skills are much stronger than ours,” Madhuswamy defended electing Savadi.

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