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“Boil water before use,” Board urge citizens

“Boil water before use,” Board urge citizens

Hyderabad: The fresh inflows of water from Krishna River into the Nagarjuna Sagar dam makes the water quality poor as the raw water turbidity is increased. The HMWSB officials urge the people to boil the water before drinking.

Water Purification

As part of the water supply to the Greater Hyderabad city, 270 MGD of treated water is sent without complete purification. It is being supplied by drawing the water from foreshore of Nagarjunasagar, Akkampally balancing reservoir as source.

Boil or Filter

The water which is being supplied to the city May appears slightly colored with turbidity. It can be used for any general purposes but for drinking it should be boiled or filtered.

The HMWS&SB had appealed to the citizens to boil and filter the water or use any disinfection method, before consuming the drinking water.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance and Testing Wing Board is conducting a special drive to monitor the quality of water by deploying the sample takers in all the O&M Divisions and intensively checking the water quality. Once again it is to reiterate that HMWS&SB is taking all preventive measures to maintain the quality in all aspects of the water supplied in the city.

Dengue Rise

Dengue is fast emerging as a major health challenge for authorities in Hyderabad as cases of dengue have increased in the city in comparison to last year.

More than 1400 people being diagnosed with vector-borne disease so far in Hyderabad city.

In view of this, the HC directed the TS government to take immediate preventive measures to curb dengue across the State and to inform the court by Sept 7.

The bench passed this order after a PIL filed by Dr M Karuna complaining inaction of the authorities concerned in taking preventive steps against dengue fever in the State.

HC’s Order

The bench ordered to inform about the preventive measures taken and public awareness programmes contemplated by the government and directed to report the matter in the next hearing adjourned on September 7.

Fight Dengue Modules

Miss M. Karuna, being a doctor has initiated a project ‘Fight Dengue Modules’ in which she explained the manner in which dengue causing mosquitoes can be eradicated from their surroundings in a simple form. Several other doctors were also willing to be part of the project.


Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease that has rapidly spread in all regions of the country. Dengue virus is transmitted by female mosquitoes, mainly by aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Dengue is widespread throughout the tropics, with local variations in risk influenced by rainfall, temperature and unplanned rapid urbanization.


People in the state have been advised to keep their surroundings clean and avoid the accumulation of water indoors and outdoors.

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