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Boycott Pakistani ulama: Maulana Al-Hamoumi

Boycott Pakistani ulama: Maulana Al-Hamoumi

Hyderabad: While delivering the Friday sermon to a packed congregation, Imam and khateeb of the Shahi Masjid at Public Gardens, Ahsan bin Mohammed al Hamoumi, on Friday called for a complete boycott of Pakistani ulama (clergy) across lines of schools of thought.

According to The Hindu, the khateeb urged Muslims not to share the clips of Pakistani scholars on social media, claiming that a section of the Pakistani Muslim clergy tends to de-contextualise the Islamic scriptures to give Pakistan religious sanctity, but at the cost of Indian Muslims.

Claiming that the religious and political approaches and strategies of Pakistani clergy are incompatible with India and there is no dearth of Islamic scholars from all denominations and schools of thought in our country, Maulana Ahsan asked Indian Muslims to approach Indian clergy if they wish to learn the faith.

Maulana further asserted that the religious problems and divisions which are being seen in India such as the Shia-Sunni divide and differences of schools of thought are coming from Pakistan. He urged Indian Muslims to combat all such divides stemming from Pakistan.

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