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Branding Islam in India- the truth behind Fascism by Siasat

Branding Islam in India- the truth behind Fascism by Siasat

Demonizing Muslims/Branding Islam was the objective of the seminar on ISIS growth on Indian Sub-continent last year held by IIT Madras.

The event, back then witnessed the presence of many influential prominent dignitaries, apart from students.

Recalling the event, where Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat Daily was also invited as a speaker, recalls the misconceptions presented by former DGP of Tamil Nadu.

Addressing the AIDSO’s Conference on National Education Policy recently, Mr Zaheeruddin narrated the misconceptions delivered at IIT Madras’s seminar.

Mr Zaheeruddin says he was shocked to learn how such influential dignitaries are spreading lies, rumours about Islam by branding and defaming the religion, as well as Muslims and how the true face of fascism is not corrupting the minds in India but also across the globe.

The Former DGP of Tamil Nadu speaking at the seminar in IIT Madras last year, terribly failed to define a single Islamic organization – Harkat-ul-jihad al Islami. A respectable dignitary like him had divided Harkatal-ul Jihad al Islami into two separate organisations Harkata-ul-jihad al Islami & HuJI (short form of the same) recalls Mr Zaheeruddin.

The former DGP further went on to explain how these two different organizations are actively sending ISIS militants to India through the Eastern Coastal channels from Arabian seas and implied back then, the coastal region is unmanned and has been active with these terror activities over the past 1400 years and that the ‘Wahabis have been landing in Mallapuram (a Muslim populated region) from a small island such as the Maldives, narrates Mr Zaheeruddin.

Recalling the IIT Madras seminar, Mr Zaheeruddin was deeply upset to witness a premium education institute such as IIT Madras promoted Branding Islam, demonizing Muslims.

Objective of Branding Muslims across the globe:

In simple words, targeting Muslims across the globe is to take control over the Muslim Gulf countries, their business, to rob them of their black gold, money, resources, opines Mr Zaheeruddin.

Why the Gulf nations have become a target now including Muslims

Once barren lands, these lands are found to be highly-rich resources worth hundreds of trillions.

Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan are few resource-rich countries that are witnessing wars, violence over the past several years.

Media across the globe, controlled by Jewish lobbies running the world, intend to rob these gulf nations of their resources.

The enlightened younger generation can prove that they will no longer be manipulated by this corrupt media, personalities promoting hatred, Muslims in our nation.

Raising your voice of dissent against this fascism through social media is our way to fight back.

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