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Businessman cheated of Rs 32 lakh in ‘rice puller’ scam

Businessman cheated of Rs 32 lakh in ‘rice puller’ scam

Mohammed Hussain


Hyderabad: The Gachibowli police arrested a man for cheating a 41-year-old businessman of Rs. 32, 00,000.

The accused is identified as Singampally Vasu Deva, working for Rosaram and owner of Rice puller a resident of Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

The complainant, Jithesh Shantilal Solanki lodged a complaint in Gachibowli police station on 6th June where he stated that on 6th June he met Sameer Rai for the payment of his old balance, S.V. Deva working for Rosaram and owner of Rice puller and Sameer Rai offered a deal to invest little money and earn Rs. 300 cr. as a mediating commission to Solanki. He found Razz Khan-owns similar article and intend to sell, He shared the Razz Khan details with S.V. Deva and Sameer to check it.

Speaking on the facts of the case, A Venkateshwar Rao, Dy. Commissioner of Police, Madhapur Zone, Cyberabad said, “The Very next day Sameer informed Solanki that Razz Khan’s article has been approved by S.V. Deva working for Rosatom Company. After a meeting with all the partners, S.V. Deva demanded Rs. 3, 26, 60,000/ for testing and repacking and confirmation of Article (Rice Puller).

Later, they all decided to invest and finalized that S.V. Deva will pay Rs. 1,63,30,000/ Razz Khan will pay Rs. 1,10,00,000/- and Solanki will pay Rs. 52,30,000/ and Solanki did an initial investment of Rs. 32,00,000/- to S.V. Deva in the presence of Razz Khan and others at Aditya Residency Gachibowli.

After the payment, Solanki asked Sameer Rai, S.V. Deva and Razz Khan to show the article (Rice puller) but they refuse and Razz Khan absconded, Solanki question Sameer Rai, S.V. Deva to return his Rs. 32, 00,000 they denied and started threatening him with dire consequences.

By receiving a complaint from Jithesh Gachibowli police have registered a case in under section 406, 420 IPC and took up the investigation and arrested the accused S.V. Deva and will produce before honorable Court for judicial custody soon.

N. Shyamprasad Rao, ACP Madhapur Division, A. Satyanarayana, Detective Inspector of Police, R. Srinivas, Inspector of Police, P.S. Gachibowli and their staff strived hard in nabbing the accused. The entire team would be rewarded suitably. Mr. Rao said.

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