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CAA, NRC, NPR are like walls of hatred, state convention held

CAA, NRC, NPR are like walls of hatred, state convention held

Hyderabad: News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily, Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that CAA, NRC and NPR are nothing but an extension of the wall of hatred.

Referring to the proposed Detention Centres, Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that if people prefer to go to prisons, Govt. will have to construct 66 thousand Detention Centres in the entire Country.

In Assam, nearly 3 thousand persons have been kept for which a sum of Rs. 45 crore has been incurred.

Govt of India has to take decision as to how it is going to provide funds for the construction of 66 thousand Detention Centres since it is facing deteriorating economic crisis.

He was addressing a seminar at Sundarayya Vigyana Kendram, Bagh Lingampally organised by forum for protection of Constitutional rights.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that he admits that Modi Govt. wants to divide the Hindus and the Muslims so that it could consolidate the Hindus. Govt of India has only 30% Hindus who elected Modi Govt. wants to retain its power by keeping those 30% Hindus united.

This is the reason that they want to divide the remaining 70% Hindus.

Mr. Khan further told that if CAA, NRC or NPR are implemented. Govt. won’t accept Aadhaar Card or any other document as proof of their citizenship. This can happen even to a Hindu, especially to those who belong to SC, ST, and BC communities.

If a person fails to prove his citizenship he will be put in Detention centres or left out to wander like unclaimed cattle, after getting deprived from all the privileges.

The other speakers were Mr. K Madheeva Rao, former IAS officer, Prof. Venugopal, Dr. Shanta Sinha, Mr. T. Veerabhadram. Mr. Chada Venkat Reddy (CPI), Mr. Amjadullah Khan Farhat, Vimala Akka etc.

General Secretary of CPI (M), Mr. D.G. Narsing Rao conducted the meeting.

He announced that a forum has been constituted to protect fundamental rights. Its convenor will be Dr. Shanta Sinha. It consists of more than 180 social, political organisations.

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