CAA,NRC,NPR: Protest to continue till black acts are withdrawn

Hyderabad:  A massive gathering was held yesterday at Crystal Garden. The speakers declared that protest will continue till the black acts are withdrawn. The participants of the meeting raised the voice that “they won’t fill the forms”.

It was also decided that on the next Friday, 24th January, in all the Masajid, people will take a vow that they won’t fill in the forms.

The Joint Action Committee also decided to start a massive protest meeting on the lines of Shaheen Bagh Agitation.

MS Education Academy

A speaker demanded the C.M. of TS to express his views on CAA, NRC, NPR. The protester shouted the slogan “KCR, at least now open your mouth”.

The protest meeting was presided over by Mr. Mushtaq Malik. He demanded the CM to pass a resolution in TS Assembly against CAA and other proposed black laws.

The protest meeting was organised by 40 organisations of the city.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Mushtaq Malik told that this black act is a conspricacy to  scrap the Constitution of India. He further told that permission is not being given for such protest meetings and an attempt is being made to file criminal cases against the organisers of such meetings. He also told that it is not the fight of the Muslims but it is the fight of all the citizens of the country.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily told that the controversial black law is not the issue pertaining to the Muslims alone, it is the fight of all the countrymen. He informed that in addition to T.S and A.P, in the districts of Karnataka also “The Day of Vow” would be organised and awareness would be created among the people for not filling in the forms. No one knows the importance of the country better than the Muslims. When the country faced danger, the Muslims. sacrificed their lives. When there is threat to the Constitution, the Muslims are on the forefront.

There is no place for the Brahmanwad in this country.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan appealed to all the organisations and the people that the crux of the protest movement is peace.

He told that not only the Muslims but all the weaker sections will get affected by this act.

He pointed out that it is not possible to keep 20 crore people in Detention Centers.

He alleged that the two Gujaratis are responsible for this conspiracy.

Justice Chandrakumar told that by seeing the countrywide agitation, Govt. of India has retracted and the decline of the Govt. has already started.

He told that those who are keeping themselves away from this protest are also not safe.

He said that protest should continue till the black act is withdrawn.

He pointed out that the country has borrowed loans to the tune of Rs.10 lakh crore and only 34 families have ruined the economy and 62 lakh persons lost their jobs.

He demanded resignations of the Home Minister in JNU case.

Prof. P.L. Vishweshwara Rao told that Modi is bringing ‘vinashi’ into the country instead of ‘vikas’.

Mr. Amjadullah Khan Khalid told the police officials not to create hurdles in permitting protest meetings. He lamented that the assassin of Mahatama Gandhi is let off whereas the peaceful protesters are being targeted.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Kumar old that a handful of Brahmins are spreading anarchy in the entire country. Their DNA resembles those of the Jews.

He mentioned that by hitting the Muslims, Govt. is targeting Dalits and other weaker sections.

Former CPI MP of Rajya Sabha, Mr. Syed Aziz Pasha told that the agitation of the Indian students has reached the other universities of the would at the international level. He expressed the hope that the Supreme Court of India won’t act against the Constitution of India.

Maulana Naseeruddin told that a conspiracy is being hatched to make the Muslims slaves. He said that those who killed the Muslims in communal riots are now planning to kill the Muslims through these black laws.

Maulana Abdul Mughni told that Scrapping the Constitution amounts to eradicating democracy.

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