Caste discrimination with corpse

Allahabad: Baba Saheb points, the nectar can be turned into poison but the poison can never be turned into nectar. The same, caste is a poison which can’t be justified. It’s such a shameful stain in India that has written the most horrific history in the world. Savarna historians have made every successful attempt to bury the truth in the dungeon of history, but the legacy of truth is still alive today in the pages of history. Barbarous scripture like Manusmriti prevented the untouchable community from the right to education, prevented them from the right to property, the right to honor and respect and tied women into the shackles of slavery. Savarna historian declared themselves the greatest leaders of history writing. The result was that they left no stone unturned in favor of the crime of his forefathers.

Corpse of woman

The underprivileged society has to tolerate the brunt of caste every moment, but some incidents happen that make the spirit of humanity very tremble. In Agra, the corpse of a woman belonging to the Nat community (SC) is taken from the pyre because Thakurs objected to it. Burning the body of a Bahujan woman would reduce the pride of the Thakurs, insane Hinduism. Slogan ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and remains silent on the caste based ferocity, not only with alive body but even with the corpse of the mothers and sisters of India. What a caste consciousness mindset, shame! Such incidents are a shame for India. But neither the Chief Minister’s opens his mouth nor the Prime Minister. The police administration shamelessly insists that they have not received any written complaint. Now no religion is in danger nor any hindutava lobby comes forward. The court hears on the jokes of Santa Banta remains silent on such an issue.

Black racism

When someone fights against black racism, no one calls them racist but people of Bahujan society raise their voice against caste, here the casteist troll army calls them casteist. It happens only in India. Look at recent movement of Black Lives Matter in America, many such idols or symbols have been broken and dropped which promotes promoting racism. This is broadly accepted in the other states. However, it was started in 2018 by the students of the University of Ghana when they’d broken Gandhi’s statue and rejected Gandhi’s racist face. But in India cruel Manu’s statue has been established in Highcourt. Openly insulting Constitution and India’s commitments at International forums on Human Rights. US people challenged Trump’s racist move. Even social media forums like Twitter, Facebook and other promoted Black Lives Matter, but the Indian units of Twitter, Facebook never open its mouth on caste based atrocity. The American media is with the people against racism but Indian media does not want to discuss on the caste. Even when the discussion is started, the direction of discussion is either compromise or against Bahujan community. What can you expect from media which encourages caste based criminals by calling them a dabangg?

MS Education Academy

The biggest problem of ‘caste-dominated India’ is caste. India has to accept this terrible truth in front of the whole world. International institutions will have to take cognizance on caste discrimination that’s very organized in India. It promotes manslaughter. As long as the international forum does not raise its voice towards the annihilation of caste, it will continue to strangle human values. Government of India must have to understand that India can never be made a prosperous nation by making 85 percent of the population untouchable from the mainstream of development.

Suraj Kumar Bauddh

(Spoke person bhim army delhi state, LL.M. from University Of Allahabad)

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