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Children of Yemen bearing the brunt of war

Poor children are among the worst affected by conflict, hunger and diseases putting the future of a whole generation at…

Syrian children most affected of regime airstrikes

5.8 million Syrians are on the move following reported government bombardment and half of this is children, so children are…

Syria’s vulnerabale children under siege

Innocent children stranded in Syria know nothing but war, deprivation and fear. (Photo: Twitter)

Children of Syria under seige

Children are undeniably bearing the brunt of the war and are dying every day in Syria. (Photo: Twitter)

Facebook page of ‘Buddhist Bin Laden’ removed for spreading hatred against Rohingya Muslims

California: the Facebook page of a Myanmar monk who was labelled as “Buddhist Bin Laden” has been removed for his…

Rohingya Crisis

Breathtaking photos of frozen Niagara Falls

  Tourists are enthralled by the sight of beautiful partially frozen Niagara Falls in North American. (Photo: AFP)