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Central Moon Sighting Committee meets today

Central Moon Sighting Committee meets today

Hyderabad: Central moon Sighting Committee of Sadr Majlis Ulema e Deccan will meet today at 4 pm at Aastana e Shuttariya, Dabeerpura under the chairmanship of Maulana Qubool Pasha Shuttari.

All the members of the Moon Sighting Committee are requested to be at home and be in contact with Maulana Shuttari.

After confirming the sighting of moon, the declaration will be telecast.

If anyone sights the moon, he may inform at 24603597 till 8pm. And after 8pm at 24576832, 24513246, 24521088 and 939164951, 9866112329, 9000008138, 9885151354.

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