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Chennai police commissioner maligning me, alleges activist

Chennai police commissioner maligning me,  alleges activist

Chennai: When everything else fails, why not associate them with Pakistan organizations or even label them a terrorist?

Lawyer Gayatri Khandhadai is caught in a similar situation after the Police Commissioner AK Viswanathan on Wednesday accused her of being associated with a Pakistan-based organization soon after she participated in the anti-CAA protests and ‘kolam’ demonstrations, TNIE reports.

Despite, enough information of her research work in her FB account against the oppression of religious minorities in several countries, including Pakistan, Commissioner made the false accusations and said the police will “investigate her links with Pakistan,” after seeing selected information in the lawyer’s social media account which soon led to trolling on social media and character assassination. 

Lawyer Gayatri Khandhadai speaking on the allegations asked why did not the police commissioner care to read her research report on the plight of minorities like Hindus and their oppression in Pakistan?

The Police commissioner accused the lawyer after her social media profile shed some light on her role as a researcher with “Bytes for All”, a Pakistan-based association for citizen journalists and researchers.

When asked about her connection with Bytes for All and the work that she did there? The lawyer responded that she carries out not just one but multiple researchers and this particular research (of contention) is called Desecrating Expression (An account of freedom of expression and religion in Asia).

It’s on how majoritarian religions are used to suppress minorities across Asia. I reflect sensibly about what happens in Pakistan and Bangladesh, including about what happens to Hindus, Ahmedis, Atheists, and LGBT persons.

When asked about her content research work and its connection to CAA and NRC, she said, her report is a recent legitimate report on plight of minorities including Muslims persecuted in these nations.

The research is on the plight of all minorities with BJP government planning to give privilege to the plight of only certain minorities, I hold that all minorities should be provided a safe haven.

Responding to the commissioner’s false accusations she said, the commissioner conveniently picked out just one organization absolutely omitting the other two, one of which I’m currently working for and am liaising within my profile.

What the commissioner has done is absolutely unacceptable. And now I think Commissioner Viswanathan is personally responsible for my safety and security.

My blood will be on his hands after he falsely accused me of having links now that is character assassination, she said.

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