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Chicken prices in Hyderabad may continue upward trend

Chicken prices in Hyderabad may continue upward trend

Hyderabad: Chicken prices in Hyderabad may continue an upward trend as on one hand, the supply is affected due to lockdown restrictions and coronavirus scare among workers of poultry farms and on the other, people have realized that consumption of chicken does not cause coronavirus.

It may be mentioned that amid rumours, the price chicken had fallen to Rs. 50 per kg. However, when people realized that the rumours are fake, they started consuming it.

Upward trend

It seems that the chicken prices in Hyderabad may continue upward trend as the demand for chicken may increase further.

The demand for chicken is likely to increase as some of the doctors claimed that its consumption may help in fighting against COVID-19.

Consumption of chicken boosts immune system

Dr. Vinay Kumar, a gastroenterologist at Apollo Hospitals claimed that consumption of eggs and chicken boosts the immune system thereby shielding the body from the deadly virus.

Citing the reason for his claim, he said that the protein and calcium nutrients are known to strengthen immunity.

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