Citizens’ Convention against CAA, NRC, NPR by JJA

Bangaluru: The government’s move to implement CAA, NRC and NPR has welcomed a phenomenon of severe opposition to those policies from the common man in the form of sit-in’s like ShaheenBagh, rallies, demonstrations and conventions among other forms. The reason is well established. These policies divert the common man’s narrative from the basic economic issues like slowdown, unemployment and farmer suicides etc, to a communally divisive narrative.

Jana Jagruthi Abhiyaana (JJA), in this background organised a People’s Convention against the draconian CAA, NRC and NPR at this juncture.

Shaheen Bagh

Rajani KS (Co Convener of JJA), the moderator started by saying that in 1919 it was Jalianwalabagh, in 2019 its ShaheenBagh. After a hundred years of the JalianwalaBagh movement, we are still on the streets. Yet the anti-people attitude of the government remains the same. Government had to focus on where the solution of the problem lies, instead, it is busy dividing and diverting the common people. A day back, there was news that Modi Govt. is ready to talk to ShaheenBagh Protestors. This is a Victory of the movement! Such small victories will lead us to a big way forward.

MN Sriram, the convener of JJA, said that the Central government put forward its CAA NRC NPR policy. On the other, women, elderly, students, the common man in general came out to oppose the policy. Common man raises question that is day by day becoming difficult for the govt to answer. The government has forsaken the interest of the common man and has thrown them to the background. Crores of people are in streets, unemployment, job loss are taking toll on the youth, economy is dwindling. By opposing these policies, we shall demand the government to focus on burning issues.

Democracy reduced to electoral practice

Prof Chandra Poojari, Retd. Professor, Hampi Kannada University, opined that  India’s Democracy is a Strange mixture of Colonialism and feudalism. He said, “Democracy has been reduced to electoral practice, and the candidates who participate are those who can spend crores, and the elected get the best of everything in India, those who elect them get the worst Of India. Seven decades of Indian independence is history of divisive politics. While Congress practiced caste politics, the BJP followed communal politics.

The NPR, by collecting birth date and birth place of the parents will form the database for the notorious NRC. Anyone who fails to provide these details will become ‘doubtful citizen’, thus making the NRC process easier. Added to this, CAA and NRC will make the poor people run from pillar to post in search of documents and to procure new documents, spending thousands of rupees in the process. Thus, it is not only against the muslim community but also against majority community and particularly against the poor of both the communities.

Renowned columnist Mr M.ASiraj said “The history of India proves how deeprooted is the Hindu and Muslim Unity.A large section of Muslim population were against partition as they opted for united India rather than partitioned India.In independent India  many Muslims contributed to India, not as Muslims but as Indians. He further added that the NRC,NPRand CAA are draconian and divisive policies, which are opposed not only to constitution but the very ethos this country which is many centuries old. Hence, we should reject them lock stock and barrel.

The leaders of AIDSO (All India Democratic Students Organisation), AIDYO(All India Democratic Youth Organisation) and AIMSS(All India MahilaSamskruthikSanghatan) also spoke on the occasion.

The convention resolved unanimously to continue the movement further by forming citizen committees at local level all over the city.

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