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Congress takes a veiled jibe at Modi over Sardar Sarovar dam

Congress takes a veiled jibe at Modi over Sardar Sarovar dam

New Delhi: Congress on Tuesday in a veiled jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the eagerness to fill Sardar Sarovar dam on the occasion of his birthday had created problems for “thousands of people” in Madhya Pradesh.

In a response to Modi’s statement, tweeted by the BJP, about the dam clocking 138 metres, the Congress said: “Prime Minister, filling the dam due to your birthday celebrations a month ahead of its schedule, has caused trouble for the lives of thousands of people in Madhya Pradesh.”

“Had you given priority to humanity, tears would not be flowing from their eyes today,” it tweeted.

Earlier today, while addressing people at Sardar Sarovar Dam site in Gujarat, Modi said: “We have seen Sardar Sarovar Dam full for the first time. There was a time when reaching the target of 122 meters was a big deal. But today, within 5 years, it is amazing and unforgettable to see that Sardar Sarovar is filled till 138 meters.”

Over 30,000 families living in the submergence zone reportedly faced displacement and loss of livelihood due to the filling of water in the dam.

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