Corn silk that you discard has enormous health benefits

Used in almost all over the world as a staple food crop, corn is always in high demand. Countries like United States, South America, Africa and Turkey use corn as a sweetener or cornmeal.

A corncob that grows in a field entangled in its silk also has numerous health remedies. Who could have thought the silky hair under its peel would have plethora of benefits.

Good for heart related disease

Chinese and Native American medicine have always understood the value of corn silk. They use the shiny strands for ailments related to stomach, malaria, psoriasis, and heart related diseases.

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Not only does it provide relief from inflammation of urinary tract infection, it also ease kidney stone pain. So next time you enjoy a roasted corn cob during rain while reading, do not discard its hair.

How can silky hair be consumed?

A corn silk tea is prepared by boiling it in water till the quantity is halved. Alternatively, if topically used, it can help reducing skin pigmentation on the affected area.

There are enormous health benefits of corn silk but inadequate supporting medical evidence is available. People allergic to corn should speak to a doctor before consuming it regularly.

Pregnant women should keep its use at a moderate level or they should consult a gynaecologist before its consumption. People on different medication need to check if there is no harm while taking it with other medicines.

Disclaimer: This information represents health benefits of compounds present in corn silk. Patients suffering from any major disease need to take prescription from qualified doctors.

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