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Coronavirus cases in India may climb to 300-500 mn, warns expert

Coronavirus cases in India may climb to 300-500 mn, warns expert

New Delhi: As per an expert’s prediction, coronavirus cases in India may climb to 300-500 million before the end of July if urgent action is not taken.

According to the expert, Dr. Ramanan Laxminaryan, a lecturer at Princeton and Director at the Washington based Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy who made the prediction also claimed that out of the total cases, 1-2 million may lose their lives due to the virus.

Talking about the model, India-Sim, that is applied to arrive at the number, the expert said that “it is a simulation model of the Indian population that is being built over many years. It includes age structure, demography, health care facilities of India”.

He further predicted that in the month of November-December, the virus will come back and infect more people.

Coronavirus cases in India

On Sunday, the total number of positive coronavirus cases in India reached 360, including the foreign nationals, with 329 active cases, the Union Health Ministry said.

“A total of 24 patients have been cured and discharged. Seven deaths have been reported across the country,” the Health Ministry said.

Among the 23 states and union territories where the cases were found, Maharashtra has the highest patient count followed by Kerala.

Worldwide coronavirus cases

Globally, more than 13,000 deaths have been recorded since the virus first emerged in December.

Italy has recorded 4,825 deaths out of 53,578 cases, with more than 6,000 recoveries. China has 81,054 cases, including 3,261 fatalities and 72,244 people recovered.

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