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COVID 19: GHMC intensifies disinfectant spraying in Hyderabad

COVID 19: GHMC intensifies disinfectant spraying in Hyderabad
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Hyderabad: In the wake of coronavirus threat, GHMC’s (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) Disaster Response Force has taken up extensive disinfectant spraying at public places across Hyderabad city.

“There are a total of 600 personnel involved in this operation of disinfectant-spraying across the city. And we are working three shifts in 24 hours. Sodium Hypochlorite is sprayed as a disinfectant in the city,” said Viswajit Kampati, IPS, Director of the Enforcement, Vigilance and Disaster Management, GHMC.

Kampati said this is being done in all the areas where there are chances of contamination including bus shelters, metro stations, supermarkets and medical shops.

“The Disaster Response Force of GHMC is very much prepared,” he said, adding that they have enough stock of required chemicals to deal with the situation.

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