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COVID-19: Is Hyderabad safe? If not, why people are so callous

Hyderabad City Police seizes 2480 vehicles on the first day of Corona lockdown

COVID-19: Is Hyderabad safe? If not, why people are so callous
Hyderabad Traffic Police officer seizing auto-rickshaw on the first day of lock down. Photo: Mohammed Hussain

Mohammed Hussain

Hyderabad: After Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao announced the lockdown of the state till March 31, people of Hyderabad do not seem serious about safety. To curb the traffic movement on roads, the Hyderabad Traffic Police have not only been inspecting, seizing vehicles and auto-rickshaw but are also on the lookout for people who are roaming on the roads without any proper reason.

Acting strictly against the violators, on Monday morning, the Hyderabad City Police have seized over 1058 two wheelers, 948 auto-rickshaws, 429 four wheelers and 45 other vehicles all together 2480 vehicles who were on roads in spite of Corona lockdown.

Hyderabad Traffic Police seizes 948 auto-rickshaw on the first day of lockdown. Photo: Laeeq

The police have also closed the city borders from all sides to prevent people from roaming around in view of the lockdown.

The police have set up check posts all over crossroads and sub-roads while closing all the points in the city. They were convincing the public about the alarming situation due to the coronavirus and are appealing people to remain home.

Monday morning onwards

All city crossroads include Moazzam Jahi Market, Nayapul, Charminar, Begum Bazar, Masab Tank, Mehdipatnam and etc. have been turned into checkpoints where special task force officers are questioning each and every commuter regarding their purpose for traveling in the city.

During their checks, when police found any vehicle with passengers and luggage the first questions asked are “Where are they coming from? Are you coming from the airport? Where are you from?”

It has been noticed that when any of the passengers mention that they belong to some other state, police officers take ten steps back and ask for documents before further interrogating them.    

Patiently counseling the auto-rickshaw, bikers, and cab-drivers, traffic police have warned that if commuters are seen roaming the roads, strict action will follow.

Videos and photos are being circulated on various social platforms of auto-rickshaws, bikes and other vehicles being seized.

Upon checking with Hyderabad Traffic Police officials, they said that 948 auto-rickshaw has been seized for violating the rules and riding in spite of warnings if the same behavior is followed, we will be seizing bikes as well as cars to enforce Lockdown in the city.

Further, the official informed that the people have been warned not to come on roads unless there is an emergency. If any person, institution, organization violates any provision of regulations, they shall be dealt with accordingly under the provisions of the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897, the Disaster Management Act 2005.

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