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A Crocs-inspired handbag? Here’s how it feels

A Crocs-inspired handbag? Here’s how it feels

Washington: Whoah! Crocs, the comfortable lightweight resin shoes which debuted in markets around the year 2002 as boating footwear and seems to be available in almost every possible fashion iteration is now a template for handbags.

Someone has crafted a new separate collection of handbags clearly inspired by the comfortable, durable and versatile footwear that has triumphed to become a fashion icon.

The handbags are a perfect accessory for those who fancy that lightweight, plastic-foamy material of Crocs’ signature clogs so much that they could even wear it on their shoulder, Today reports.
The purse, made by the brand Optari, is available in two sizes — a small handbag for USD 19.99 and a larger tote bag for USD 24.99 — and is marketed online as multifunctional item thanks to its waterproof texture.

One can use it as a diaper bag, a beach bag, a shower caddy, a gardening tote or just an everyday purse.

Like the Crocs clogs, the bag also comes in a variety of colours, including black, blue, green, pink and purple, and has small decorative pieces attached to the holes in the bag, similar to Crocs’ Jibbitz embellishments.

Meanwhile, Amazon users seem to love it. Out of 89 reviews, 81 per cent of them rated the bags with five stars. People said they were happy with its cheap price and its functionality, with many particularly happy with the purchase for their kids.

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