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Cyberabad cops gives decible dose to noisy vehicles

Cyberabad cops gives decible dose to noisy vehicles

Hyderabad: In view to control frustrating noise pollution on the roads the Cyberabad Traffic Police have conducted a special drive against vehicles causing noise pollution in the city on Sunday.

Recognising the menace, traffic police department has taken strict action against vehicle owners by registering cases under the MV act,a senior traffic police offical informed.

However, the traffic police have also initiated penalities whoever was indulged in causing noise pollution through prohibited horns and silencers.

The Cyberabad Traffic Police officer said, “we advice all school, college managements, RTC authorities, owners of such vehicles to immediately replace such noise emitting prohibited horns with legally admissible horns, Also, citizens can capture a video of such vehicles emitting more sound or using multi tone horn, air horn can report to CTP via whatsapp 9490617346. He said.

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