Day-by-Day symptoms: MoH of Singapore

Symptoms of Coronavirus

The Ministry of Health, Singapore released a list of day-by-day symptoms of novel coronavirus or COVID-19.

The list is not all inclusive.

Day 1 – 3

  • Initially, the symptoms will be similar to normal cold and flu.
  • Patients will experience Fever.
  • The patients either experience mild throat pain or no throat pain at all.
  • People with weakest immunity may experience diarrhea or nausea (vomiting).
  • But in initial days, patients can able to eat and drink normally.

Day 4

  • The throat pain of infected person increases intensely.
  • Voice of patients becomes sore.
  • Body temperature is around 36.5º Centigrade or 97.7º Fahrenheit.
  • Patients may experience disturbance while eating or drinking.
  • The other symptoms are mild headaches and mild diarrhea.
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Day 5

  • On the 5th day of infection, things start to get a little messy.
  • There is intense pain in the throat.
  • Patients find difficulty or pain while trying to eat or drink something.
  • Soreness of voice increases.
  • Feeling of pain on movement or moving any body part.
  • Patients suffer joint pains and weakness all over the body.

Day 6

  • Fever is still at 37º Centigrade or 98.6º Fahrenheit.
  • There is dry cough with painful throat.
  • Patients feel painful throat while eating, swallowing or talking.
  • An infected person of COVID-19 feels very tired and severe nausea.
  • Occasionally the patient faces difficulty in breathing.
  • The pain from joints extends to fingers.
  • The intensity of diarrhea and vomiting increases.
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Day 7

  • Intensity of fever increases up-to 38º Centigrade or 100.4º Fahrenheit.
  • A patient suffers excessive coughing with sputum.
  • Body pain, headache, diarrhea and vomiting worsen.

Day 8

  • Severe difficulty in breathing every-time the patients breathes.
  • Chest becomes very heavy.
  • Coughing, headaches and joint pain increases more.
  • Body temperature raises above 38º centigrade.

Day 9

  • On the 9th day of infection, all the symptoms start getting worse.
  • If you feel any of the symptoms, get yourself tested.

Emergency warning signs for COVID-19 are:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Pain in chest
  • Bluish lips or face

If you ever feel the three symptoms – fever, cough and shortness of breath, seek medical attention immediately.

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