Delhi 6 to Tamasha: 5 Hindi movies that deserved better at box office

We at Siasat spoke to different people and have curated five films that majority feel deserved better reception when they released in the theatres.

Hyderabad: Movies have been an integral part of most of our lives and is a major source of escapism. Over the years movie-viewing experience gradually became more than just an escape and made many people think and take the art of filmmaking seriously.

There are some movies we watch that just connects instantly and stay with us for life , and some movies that we might not enjoy much or even hate the first time but we might totally end up liking it when we re-watch it later. This could sometimes happen because of the phase in our life when we watch the film that we may feel it speaks to us more than the first time, or even could be better understanding of world and cinema that helps to like a film better on a later stage. Hence, movie viewing experience is totally subjective and you might or might not agree with the mass.

There have been such films that could not perform at the box-office either because of the unconventional storytelling or the masses just could not connect to it when they released but found a loyal following much later when it was rediscovered either on TV or online. We at Siasat spoke to different people and have curated five films that majority feel deserved better reception when they released in the theatres.

1. Tamasha

The Ordinariness of Genius: Through the characters of Imtiaz Ali's 'Tamasha' | Blogs News,The Indian Express

An ordinary film with a genius storytelling! This 2015 film starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone was a box-office failure when it came out but got extremely polarising reviews from the people who watched it. Some did not understand the storytelling and failed to connect while some thought it was their story brought to life. Today, six years later the film has a cult following online where people have rediscovered this gem and feel it deserved much better. Ananya , a lawyer and an artist by profession said, “The story wasn’t received because of its unconventional nature I guess. It clearly was written with the idea of doing full justice to the story and not for audience appeasement.”

Riya, a journalist by profession said, “The film beautifully explores the dichotomy of wanting to pursue what you love and taking up a job your parents like but you hate. I remember watching this film with zero audience in the theatre and feeling sad. When I re-watched it years later I was stuck in a very disturbed state of mind and it gave me the push I needed to leave my toxic job. ‘Kyuki sab bhaag rahe hain, isiliye mai bhi bhaag raha hu‘ gets to me all the time.”

Arun, an engineer by profession feels while the movie had mixed reviews its music was widely loved by everyone. “From Heer toh badi sad hai to Matargashti the album has song for every mood. Can Rahman ever go wrong with music? I don’t think so.”he said.

2. Swades

Swades: A strong and emotional nationalistic message – India and it's perfect imperfections

A movie that still stays relevant and has not aged a bit is this story of a common man’s extraordinary journey both in his life and his country. Swades , which released in 2004 flopped at the box office despite being helmed by big names like Shah Rukh Khan and Ashutosh Gowariker. From caste discrimination to girls education the film talks about various issues India has been grappling with from an NRI’s perspective. It shows us the ground reality through Mohan (SRK) ‘s solution-oriented vision. Kalyan, a 23-yr old medical student who lives outside India said, “Swades cleverly shows how nobody and no country is perfect and the only way to better your ‘desh’ is to address the issues prevailing and accept that it needs to be fixed.I live outside the country and I miss home often. I love revisiting the film and ‘Yeh jo des hai tera’ always makes me emotional.”

3. Meri Pyaari Bindu

Meri Pyaari Bindu 2017 Wallpapers | Meri Pyaari Bindu 2017 HD Images | Photos meri-pyaari-bindu-5-2 - Bollywood Hungama

The 2017 love story featuring Ayushmann and Parineeti might have bombed at the box-office but has managed to gain a loyal fan base online over the years. The film received polarizing reviews that left many confused. While some loved it wholeheartedly the others detested it by calling it confusing. The film today has gained a loyal base for its earnest storytelling and soulful music. Many who hated it at the first time like it better after revisiting. Nivedita, a 2nd year college student feels the film deserved better reception. “The film is full of heart and soul and the music just makes it even better. Right from the dialogues to Abhimanyu’s eyes longing for Bindu’s love, the film is special. The movie did not work for many probably because it was not a typical happy ending where the hero and the heroine get. together. It shows how you always might not win at love but at least the memories live on.”

4. Delhi-6

The 2009 film starring Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor was directed by Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra. The film stands relevant today more than ever.  In the midst of its stream of consciousness narrative, exotic vignettes of Old Delhi seen through NRI eyes and the seeming chaos, there is also a larger design that, in retrospect, eerily pre-empts the contemporary strife and atmosphere of fear, hate and anger in the country. Sagar a digital marketing executive feels the film was way ahead of its time while staying relevant. “From soulful arziyaan to ‘Rehna Tu’ the film effortlessly binds flawed love, friendships and religion in a strong rope making it feel too close to home. You don’t have to be from dilli to connect to this film. Doesn’t matter aap hindu hai ya musalmaan, all you need to understand is  ‘Zarre zarre mein usi ka noor hai; Jhaank khud mein wo na tujh se door hai; Ishq hai us se to sab se ishq kar; Is ibadat ka yahi dastooor hai”. he said.

5. Lootera

Lootera (2013) Movie: Watch Full Movie Online on JioCinema

This Vikram Aditya Motwane’s 2013 masterpiece starring Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha became people’s favourite a little late than it deserved. The on-screen adaptation of O Henry’s short story ‘Last leaf’ leaves an aching hangover with love and death written all over it. Ishaan, a filmmaking student feels the cinematography and the music’s blend in this is like a wizadry. “The storytelling in this is conveyed in a way that almost our filmmakers have forgotten. It’s sad that the film didn’t work at the box-office but it’s not surprising. The day movies like Lootera starts getting its due at the time of release, we’ll know that cinema is changing. The experience of watching every frame in the film is sheer poetry and of course the music by the genius Amit Trivedi just lingers on even when you are asleep. I feel less dead from the inside every time I listen to Zinda hoon yaar kaafi hai. ” he said.

So, that was the list we curated for you , let us know in the comments if you have watched any of these films and what did you think of it. Also if you have watched any such film that did not make it to the list but you feel it deserved better then write below. Here are some honorable mentions:

6. Guzaarish

7. Manmarziyaan

8. Sonchiriya

9. Lakshya

10. Mard ko dard nahi hota

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