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Delhi drafts policy to regulate wedding functions

Delhi drafts policy to regulate wedding functions
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New Delhi: In order to regulate wedding functions in the national capital, the Delhi government has drafted a policy.

According to the report published in Times of India, the policy will put a cap on the number of guests in the function. It also directs the organizers of the function to distribute surplus food among underprivileged via NGOs.

The policy which was prepared in consultation with stakeholders bans firearms. It also puts the condition that DG Sets must meet air and noise pollution norms.

The policy once implemented will put a ban on the procession of horse-drawn carriage and band outside the venue.

The number of guests allowed in the function will be based on the size of the venue or the parking capacity.

Fines will be imposed on the operators of the venue if any violation of the policy takes place. The penalty of Rs. 5 lakh will be imposed for the first offense, Rs. 10 lakh for second and Rs. 15 lakh for third. The drafted policy also made it mandatory for the organizers and caterers to register with NGOs to distribute surplus food.

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