Different lockdown restrictions for different coloured zones

New Delhi: Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued an order to further extend the lockdown for a period of two weeks beyond May 4, 2020. However, the lockdown after May 4 will be different as restrictions will be imposed based on the colour of the zone.

Red Zones

In Red Zones, the following activities are not allowed (list not exhaustive).

  1. Plying of cycle rickshaws and auto-rickshaws
  2. Running of taxis and cab aggregators
  3. Intra-district and inter-district plying of buses
  4. Barbershops
  5. Spas
  6. Saloons
  7. Shops in urban areas, for non-essential goods, are not allowed in malls, markets and market complexes.

Following activities are allowed in Red zones (list not exhaustive)

  1. Construction activities in urban areas have been limited to in-situ construction (where workers are available on site and no workers are required to be brought in from outside) and construction of renewable energy projects.
  2. All standalone (single) shops, neighbourhood (colony) shops and shops in residential complexes are permitted to remain open in urban areas, without any distinction of essential and non-essential.
  3. E-Commerce activities are permitted only in respect of essential goods
  4. Private offices can operate with up to 33% strength as per requirement, with the remaining persons working from home.

Orange zones

In the Orange Zones, in addition to activities permitted in Red Zone, taxis and cab aggregators will be permitted with 1 driver and 1 passenger only. Inter-district movement of individuals and vehicles will be allowed for permitted activities only. Four wheeler vehicles will have a maximum of two passengers besides the driver and pillion riding will be allowed on two-wheelers.

Green Zones

In the Green Zones, all activities are permitted except the limited number of activities that are prohibited throughout the country, irrespective of the Zone.

Restrictions irrespective of zones

Apart from restrictions based on zones, the following activities will remain prohibited throughout the country irrespective of zones.

  1. Travel by air, rail, metro and inter-State movement by road
  2. Running of schools, colleges, and other educational and training/coaching institutions
  3. Hospitality services, including hotels and restaurants
  4. Places of large public gatherings, such as cinema halls, malls, gymnasiums, sports complexes etc
  5. Social, political, cultural and other kinds of gatherings
  6. Religious places/ places of worship for the public.

However, movement of persons by air, rail and road is allowed for select purposes, and for purposes as permitted by MHA.

It may be noted that the movement of individuals, for all non-essential activities, shall remain strictly prohibited between 7 pm to 7 am.

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