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Disha case: Here’s what Siasat readers say on encounter

The crime shook the conscience of the nation

Disha case: Here’s what Siasat readers say on encounter
Dead bodies of the accused in the rape and murder of the woman veterinarian seen at the spot where they were killed in an encounter with the police, in Hyderabad on Friday. Photo: ANI

HYDERABAD: A raging debate has engaged people from all walks of life after news broke of the encounter on Friday morning of all four accused in the brutal rape-and-murder case of a 25-year-old woman veterinarian last month in Hyderabad.

The crime shook the conscience of the nation and many posed queries on the efficiency of the legal system especially in heinous crimes against women.

Many including politicians have expressed solidarity with people supporting extra-judicial killings in this case.

Here’s what the Siasat.com readers have to say:

One reader wrote, “Spot diccision…. GOOD job… BJP leaders are panic now.. Telegana police salute you.”

While another wrote, “Imagine the horror the victim had gone through. The culprits should have also given slow & painful death thrn their screams should have recorded. Those screams could be used as warning to future criminals therefore reducing crimes. Still this could be done using the bonus breathers in UP. Over 90% of UP men including police are rapists. Unfortunately north india is extremely illiterate & backward. They don’t even know there exists a word called “justice”. Now thatnorth india is hopeless, At least south Indian forces must intervene loser northern states and take swift actions. This will do two benefits. (1) Rapists get punishments-Case closed. (2) Illiterate and loser govt gets lesson how to do justice and learn to provide proper security before any crime happen.”

Another reader wrote, “People are so rediculous those who are supporting the justice from court, yeah we do adhere to the courts justice and decision and abide by it. But this encounter proves that everybody wanted fast justice and the police carried out in way to make aware the people that this action will be taken on any rape case. I respect and support police in this encounters. This will set an example to the people that Hyderabad is not like any other state to wait for years for a decision and also crime rate will be decreased by this phenomenon.”

One wrote, “I am happy about the result, but not the procedure. I court should announce the same judgement.”

While another wrote, “Police orchestrated this fake encounter. Violence cannot be overcome by violence.”

“The law should have taken its course. This is not a police state,” wrote one more reader.

While another wrote, “What?? Encounter…Agaain something fishy, They might have fired on their legs, as per order below knees, in order to catch the culprit, If they have gun or rifle and are firing at police then only police can backfire, were they given ammunition by police before bringing to the spot, several questions rise here…I am not a Journalist, just a student, Ignore if the above comment is inappropriate, dont want to hurt or target any entity, any person or organisation or the Govt. or police dept.”

One readers says, “My worst fears have come true. The police had caught some innocents due to pressure from senior and made them confess with torture. Now to cover their blunder they now killed them. The real rapists are now scot free. This is a normal routine in Dehli and UP. So surely here too.”

While another called, “Good riddance. They totally deserved to be killed but it was a fake encounter. Let us not get fooled here. What is worrisome is that the police can use the same extra-judicial killing methods on others in future, when not all arrested accused are always guilty in all the cases.”

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