Don’t judge a faith by its nutcases: Dr Faheem Younus to trolls

Hyderabad: Dr Faheem Younus is a COVID-19 warrior. He is the Chief of Infectious Diseases, University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health. He has been sharing COVID tips on his twitter handle but in return he is getting hate from the netizens due to his identity. In a tweet he narrated his ordeal saying though he is giving COVID tips to all, he is getting hate in return, from Indians for being a Muslim, Pakistanis for being an Ahmadi, Americans for being scientific and from rest of the world for being an American.

Younus wrote on his twitter handle: “Giving COVID tips to all. Yet getting hate from… …Indians for being a Muslim ..Pakistanis for being an Ahmadi .Americans for being Scientific Others for being an American! I embrace ALL my identities & don’t need pity. But we need to talk:) Read till end..”

In return to hate messages he has received from trolls, Dr Younus responded with a number of love messages in a series of tweet.

MS Education Academy

To Indians

To Indians he advises in a tweet: “Dear Indians, pandemic is a sobering time. Who lives, who dies, who knows. Let’s be kind Don’t judge people by their names; don’t judge a faith by its nutcases. Broad brushing any large group is a bad idea.”

To Pakistanis

Dr Younus suggests Pakistanis to shun sectarianism saying, “Dear Pakistanis, my motherland, we’ve been fed sectarian myths for political gains. Those myths can also be busted by learning the facts instead of believing in propaganda. We have more in common… We have a choice. Why not learn more, hate less?”

To Americans

Dr Younus advises Americans not to politicise the virus, he wrote: “Dear fellow Americans, there’s no point politicizing a virus over its mortality or facemasks or hydroxychloroquine We’re fortunate to have the world’s best scientists. How unfortunate to distrust and not defer to their expertise? Follow science, make miracles.”

To others

To other Dr Younus suggests: “To those who hate just because I’m an American, don’t judge us by our politics or our COVID management. Neither is good:) But come visit the US and you’ll see how magnanimous the people are and how free the air is. I hope America helps the world with treatments/vaccines”.

Love for all, hatred for none

Reciprocating hate with love the COVID warrior says: “MOST IMPORTANT: Haters are few. A large majority from all nations is smart, generous and loving. I see you. I feel you. I thank you! For others who “other” me, I wish you health and prosperity. May God protect you and your loved ones. “Love for all, hatred for none.”

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Rasia Hashmi

Rasia Hashmi, a resident of Hyderabad, holds a Masters of Communication and Journalism, an MPhil in Social Exculsion and Inclusive Policy and PhD in Women Studies. She has 23 years of experience in the field of journalism.
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