Dr. Mohammed Faisal: Don’t panic with diseases

Doctor Mohammed Faisal is a special critical care pulmonologist in Care Hospital, Nampally.

He says, by this time everybody must have sufficient knowledge about the Covid-19 virus. Now is the time that we have to live with the virus — a day will come when schools, offices and businesses, theatres will reopen. He talks on post Covid-19 problems and how to tackle them.

He says till recently, people were petrified as hospitals and out-patient clinics were closed. Gradually they are opening now. Most of the patients tried to consult online as there were government orders to keep the private clinics closed and the fear of virus spread was also prevailing.

Dr. Faisal advices not to ignore any symptoms of the disease and seek medical help from a general physician or pulmonologist, by visiting them personally or contacting them on phone if the facility is available. If private clinics are not opened, you can visit any outpatient department as they are opened now. Don’t be afraid to go out fearing that you will be infected by Covid-19. Take preventive measures and simultaneously do not neglect your health.

Dr. Faisal encourages to make a habit of living with the virus. He suggests when you go out, you must wear the mask and maintain distance. Do not shake hands, do not hug each other, do not share food with others outside your home, avoid outside food, eat cooked food and avoid raw food, be cautious of the children and the old.

He says, it has been observed that the old people and diabetic patients are mostly affected by the virus. He requests the old generation not to go out until the virus recedes. The diabetic patient should try to keep their glucose level normal. He says, people staying inside homes are inclined towards eating more, therefore, they should keep a watch on their sugar level and must take their medicines on time. If they have facility for workout they should not miss it. They can exercise on the terrace or go on walks in the nearby grounds.

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Dr. Faisal says that people have become very suspicious these days. If they have little cough or cold they doubt that it is due to Covid-19. He advices not to panic; it may be due to some other disease. He recommends that those who suffer from cough and cold should avoid socializing with other people, otherwise if it infects them they may also develop a psychic fear that they are infected by Coronavirus.

He instructs that, a cough and cold patient should wear a mask even if he is inside the house or cover his nose with a hanky while sneezing. They should keep their water cups or tumblers separate and keep the children and old people at a distance. If the cold and cough do not subside within 3-4 days, then they must see a doctor.

Dr. Faisal says, until now, the study does not prove that asthmatic patients are more prone to coronavirus infection. But, they should use inhalers and other medicines as advised by their doctors. They should not panic at slightest cough; most of the times, it may be their asthmatic bout. It may be due to seasonal change or pollution. But chronic smokers, whose lungs are damaged due to smoking are more prone to Covid-19 infection. Therefore, they must cut down the number of cigarettes and heed the advice of their doctor. If there is severe cough they must see the doctor.

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He says, the old patients, if they have cough for more than a week must be taken to hospital. The doctor may advise laboratory tests or x-rays.

He further adds that dehydration and urine infection are also the factors for increase in body temperature. Therefore, people should drink ample of water — 3-4 liters in a day. Proper food should be taken on time. Take vitamins with doctors’ advice. He says some studies have shown that Zinc and Selenium are helpful in Covid-19 infection. Until now, there is no proven treatment for Covid-19, but we can boost our immunity by vitamin supplements. People can take other vitamins like calcium, vitamin C, etc.

Dr. Faisal suggests, if someone enters his home, returning from office or school, they should thoroughly wash their face and hands up to elbows with soap and wet their hair with water, exactly like performing wudu and they must change their clothes. Then only, they can come in contact with children, older people and other family members. He advises to make this a habit. Because, outside, one may have shaken hands someone, or someone may have coughed or sneezed on them; if he is infected, there is a possibility that the virus may cling to their body or clothes and they may bring the virus home with them.

Dr. Faisal says his clinic is in Vijaynagar colony, he treats patients with lung problems, TB, pneumonia, asthma, smokers and patients with apnea and people who snore during sleep. The timing of his clinic is from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

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