Dubai man fined Dh100,000 for offensive tweets

The man defame the construction company by calling them a “swindler, loser, and thief” in the tweets

Abu Dhabi: A man in Dubai has been fined 100,000 Dirham (Rs 20,30,508) for posting offensive tweets that defamed a company and its manager, local media reported on Friday.

The manager filed a civil lawsuit against the defendant, demanding compensation of 10.1 million dirhams (Rs 20,53,66,841) after the defendant posted tweets on his personal account laughing and insulting the manager and his company.

According to Gulf News, the defendant had assigned the company to build his villa in Dubai. Later, the company filed a commercial case against the defendant for not completing payment for the construction of the villa.

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In turn, the man defamed the construction company by calling them a “swindler, loser, and thief” in the tweets.

During police interrogation, the defendant admitted that it was his Twitter account and he is the only one using the account for tweets.

As per reports, after considering the matter, the Dubai court of instance had cleared the defendant of making insults online but the appeal court overturned the verdict and ordered a fine of 3,000 Dirham (Rs 61,000). The manager then filed a civil case for compensation and the court ordered the defendant to pay 100,000 Dirham (Rs 20,30,508).

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