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Duped by travel agent, 20 people get stuck in Saudi Arabia

Duped by travel agent, 20 people get stuck in Saudi Arabia

Hyderabad: As many as 20 people are stuck in Saudi Arabia after they were allegedly duped by their travel agent. They had gone to perform ‘Umrah’ during the holy month of Ramadan.

“They were duped by the travel agent who promised that all arrangements including stay, food in Mecca, Madina and return ticket to India will be made for them. The travel agent took Rs 62,000 from each person but no arrangements were made,” said Shaik Ibrahim, whose father Shaik Khaleel, mother Fahmeeda Begum and grandmother Kaseem Bee are yet to return.

“They approached local authorities who have arranged for their stay in Telangana stay home in the Mecca area. Five people out of the group of 25 have come back. The rest are stuck as they do not have money to buy the return ticket,” said Ibrahim.

Urging the authorities to arrange for their return, Ibrahim said: “Visas of some members are also about to expire. I request the Central government to rescue the people who are stuck in Saudi Arabia.”

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